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The Emperor Beijing Tiananmen is located on the bustling Qianmen Street. The surrounding dining and entertainment facilities are complete and convenient.
The hotel is based on the theme of elegant water features, with a quiet and peaceful environment. Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms and public areas. The rooftop outdoor swimming pool offers views of Beijing's front gate and CBD skyline. The differently designed rooms are provided with LCD TV, air conditioning, minibar, coffee, tea, kettle and office area. The private bathroom includes a rainforest shower, l'occitane toiletries and slippers. The circular bathtub provided in some rooms can also ease your travel fatigue.
The fitness and leisure areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the hotel will also keep you physically fit at all times. The "Good" restaurant on the 1st floor and the "Up Bar" on the terrace provide you with creative Chinese and international cuisines around the clock. When you finish your day's trip, the "top bar" on the top terrace is the best choice for you to overlook the front door, the CBD, or the gathering of friends. The Royal SPA located on the basement floorthe ink and blue theme health club, is light, comfortable, and comfortable.
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  • billey
    Pool-side dining, Super awkward
  • afraadad
    Nice good location is too simple, too simple hygiene is not in place
  • dabei726
    Meals are convenient, but lived only 18 to 25 crowd!
  • oxd1415
    No window in the room, poor air quality
  • Jammie
    Deliberately to live a late see snow, free parking, sent small gift and cookies, room clean, free's Taiwan, service enthusiasm, breakfast also good. room is has design sense, TV and lamp are can pulled out, shortcomings is noise poor, outside metal corridor walk voice listening to of is clear, toilet too high. design sense strong of hotel for couples, bathroom no door bath is cool. early in terrace views snow is better.
  • TedWoo
  • lovepengyang
    Very good hotel, breakfast outside was very good, even if not money and not eating, outside of the well, and don't spend much money.
  • Jeser
    Well, at the front door, have more characteristics, mark is not clear, to compare for the first time is hard to find
  • linfeiyi_fay
    Excellent location, quiet, and design features, rooms are small, but very good, spare Ou Shudan! details also does a good job ... definitely worth the experience.
  • jaylin18
    Convenient for business travel, consider again
  • dancing_79
    Design was very innovative, rooms feature convenient, very close to Tiananmen Square, very satisfied
  • meisam1360
    Special for couples!
  • julyway
    Very nice
  • tom2777
    The location was excellent, convenient
  • iriswon
    Super great
  • TaitLee
    Hotel location is very good, price is not very high
  • amao2008
    Don't really like decor, the room is white, even the floor is white, the wall is white, everything is white
  • aeonfelex
    Good location, good services. facilities some poor breakfast variety. but it's still worth recommending.
  • bamboo860820
    Pretty good
  • BenisonPeng
    Fresh fish, large, alley, a little mean
  • aiwer
    Very nice ... look at this
  • imbug
    Rooms are a little unreasonable, the toilet doesn't work and the overall general location but can also, for out-of-towners
  • a512654550
    Too bad, it is a deceptive tourist hotel, 806 Yuan price of Chinese court rooms standards! 0
  • napaliya
    Good location, 10 minutes from the subway exit. facilities services other than hotel bar.
  • liuyiping1971
    Hotel make in the take static, fine fashion, waiter attitude is good. daily afternoon free tea, refrigerator within beverage all free, breakfast although varieties not more, but Chinese Western are has. staying foreigners more, loft open bar and small swimming pool landscape good. staying Shi each between room also gift has small gift. Hotel out is food features Street and big fence commercial Street, things two article road to North are can go to front door Metro station, very convenience, dinner shopping Shopping alley are is convenient. General, Cost-effective, value for money.
  • gyydx
    Is located in the pedestrian street of large fenced Hotel rooftops and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall can be seen directly Qianmen, each room is distinctive, and will give your room a seal, next time that
  • e04834900
    Good location, very clean, staff very friendly, breakfast is not much but tastes good
  • away7687
    On in Street end location cheap square next, is convenient! hotel very? features, no wonder many foreigners. room design also is stunning, son good like room in of cotton clouds lamp, bath between Super big. roof of Mini swimming pool also is interesting, views good. breakfast despite select not is more, regardless of quality taste good, fruit to is big. staying sent eight tank beverage, also has fruit cookies cake, intimate. worth experience, praise?
  • asu1978
  • tyy19870407
    Terrace is a bright spot
  • lrf2004
    Zambia Zambia Zambia Zambia! no more praise in Beijing is the most comfortable hotel ... Do not go out!
  • anna1122331
    Not suitable for people who travel, hotel behind the fish Street, and drove four times, walked twice and did not find the hotel set a guideline can't-
  • e01958398
    Very good, best hotels in the front door.
  • ctfun2008
    Very new hotel design, the rooms are large and convenient ... only flaw is the rain design, very easy to get very wet on the ground outside.
  • e00278625
    Perfect location in the middle of Beijing. Amazing view from the roof top. Great rooms, really good breakfast. We felt us like at our home. Awesome-
  • e01801660
    Super nice, big bathtub, set between two rooms with a door, kids very happy, running in two rooms, there is still a great seal given 10 bottles of drink are free. parking is also very convenient, rooms at the more difficult to find for the first time, it is recommended that guests should inform the hotel from the old theatre, parking in.
    The room is too small, rooftop swimming pool is quite good, lily has been laughing at the front desk, and feel very warm
  • babaraliurui
    Hotel features, room and Board are satisfied. quality of Beijing in terms of value for money is good. There are also many foreigners choose to stay here ... no hooks for hanging clothes in the room, this is inconvenience for tourists come here in the summer. hotels in fish Street, away from the fence, Front Street very close. the only flaws are far from the Metro station.
  • ladybabybo
    Rooms are somewhat small, lighting is not so good. lots feature fun hotel
  • wosimeiren
    Good, quiet, beds comfortable, service in place.
  • cebai0910
    Location is not too convenient
  • annielau716
    Overall I feel pretty good, is the room too small, WiFi signal is very bad.
  • jane7416xx
    Hotel is located in quiet places in the front door, the rooms are clean, breakfast is rich, the only thing the room a little bit small.
  • AndreSang
    Hotel location just behind the cheap square fresh at the store, out the front door and fence near the street, subway station some distance away from the front door, the key is called a taxi is not very convenient. hotel facilities are good, but small superior room, toilet is too high, make people very uncomfortable.
  • e00334392
    Great location very convenient, but not very professional facilities and services. design some contrived, forced, intention is strong but careless construction. location, may stay next time.
  • aisuannai
    Afternoon front desk is responsible for reception of is both girl. attitude special bad. began said didn't room., with's., has 20 minutes only do good staying. began selected of floating big bed room. deliberately call front desk said to has bathtub has Windows. staying Hou found no bathtub. call asked. front desk is not friendly. said we this on remember has you to has Windows. didn't said to bathtub. you himself remember wrong has. and we floating room are didn't bathtub. night front desk both boys service attitude good too more has. said wants to takeA plate wash fruit. immediately on with restaurant coordination. 10 minutes on sent to has. hotel room overall good. is rain of place design lacks. water slightly open big points on flow of Montreal are is. also has is not too satisfaction is guest not in room of when actually arrangements sent things came in. call asked whether was into had room. said is Ah. we are sent welcomes meals. this lost has things is who of?
  • e00096664
    This is the hotel really pit
  • cocolvjing
    Well, the recommendation of the
  • jojogive
    Cost-effective, highly recommended!
  • pengwater
    Conveniently located, the hotel design